Cannabis as art

Cannabis as art

Our ultra-premium Graff cannabis is an expression of creativity, skill, and imagination. Gallery-worthy flower, grown with purpose, infused with good vibes. 

Ultra Premium Indoor FLower

Our premium genetics produce flower with distinct effects and flavors. We curate strains to spark inspiration and elevate your daily life

A work of art

We began our journey as artists, enthusiasts, and activists. Our enthusiasm transformed into passion that gave birth to our goal, to refine the cannabis experience, an experience that has existed for some time, but has only more recently risen to the forefront.

As the cannabis culture has risen, so must the product itself. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to elevate the product, the experience, and the standard.

Our Commitment

We are artists obsessed with bringing you the
best cannabis in the world. We hand select and
hunt exotic and legacy strains from the most renowned breeders to bring you the truest representation of each strain. We focus on the full representation of each strain by evaluating major and minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, scent, aesthetic, and taste.

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Unwavering efforts that are delivered as a standard


We take an active role in bettering society as a whole


We positively embrace all to enjoy our quality experience

The Best In Cannabis

We are ARTists driven by PASSION, CREATIVITY, and a commitment to EXCELLENCE, we embrace our responsibility to affect change on society, compelling us to refine the perception of our industry, elevate
our community, and cultivate genuine, trustworthy products.

We Deliver

We deliver our products straight to your door! Currently available for California residents. Schedule your delivery today!


Our flower is potent. Our delicate balance of THC and other cannabinoids is sure to bring you a great high.

Always Fresh

At Graff we have a freshness guarantee! Our scheduled delivery provides fresh flower to your door.

Through years of research, experience, trials, and errors our collective community of industry producers, cultivators, and Artists have successfully curated our products to promote a positive, trustworthy experience deemed worthy of you.

We hope to help better society by promoting a positive lifestyle, and by continuing to do what’s best and what’s right for the industry, for our customers, and the world.

Best California Cannabis Flower

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